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On behalf of our directors and employees, I welcome you to Bancroft State Bank.

Bancroft State Bank is A BANK FOR ALL PEOPLE. We take great pride in our commitment to meeting the salomon speedcross 3 unique needs of every customer and are pleased to offer friendly, knowledgeable employees that are eager to serve your banking and insurance needs. Bancroft State Bank has been locally owned since 1912, offering unsurpassed knowledge of the local economy and the ability to respond quickly to your important banking needs. We are over 100 years old and will continue to serve you for many more years.

We understand that everyone's needs are different and we analyze your situation as a person, not just a number. We are constantly striving to bring you the salomon speedcross 3 womens services you want. We have loan officers available at our Bancroft, Hancock, Plainfield and Saratoga offices. Contact any of our five locations to speak with an employee to get more information about any of our products.

Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope you will visit us often C either on our web site or in person.

Jill A. Kollock, President


bancroft State Bank History

Celebrating 100 Years as Your Community Bank!

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BANCROFT area history

Bancroft is located in the middle of the state split down the middle by Wisconsin Interstate 39. It is 30 miles south of Stevens Point, WI. It is sometimes referred to be in the middle of the central sands area because of its sandy soil that helps support the vegetable farms in the area.

Bancroft was named after the Rev. Warren Gamaliel Bancroft, a pioneer Methodist minister after the Civil War, and after whom Warren Gamaliel Harding, later President of the United States, was named. (1) Mr. Bancroft, being very much interested in the welfare of this little village, did so much to help it become more progressive that the people named the village in his honor.

The first families to come to Bancroft were the Ingrahams, Roseberrys and Manleys. They came in the year 1855 traveling from the state of Ohio. They built their own homes from logs cut on their farms. (2)

At that time Bancroft was only a settlement in a dense forest, consisting of only a very few dwellings, a potato warehouse, which was conducted by L. Starke, the two stores and post office and the (Wisconsin Central Railroad) Soo Line depot. (2) The Northwestern depot was built one mile south of Bancroft about 1903. A hotel was then built that had a horse-drawn carriage meet all the trains. (4)

C.H. Rich, a grandson of Mr. Edwin L. Rich, recalled that Albert Manley ran the first bank (Bancroft State Bank).

Near the turn of the century, Bancroft supported a 19 person concert band and a baseball team that was described as practically unbeatable! The community supported a large warehousing center salomon trail running shoes from 1890-1930. The town formed a volunteer fire department on January 1, 1989. The Soo depot was moved to the Portage County Historical village in Plover, WI on June 13, 1990. The structure was beautifully restored over a ten-year period. (3)


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